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Do you want to write for us ?  Grab the best opportunity to work from home or work in spare time and get some cool cash.

We invite the blog writers or simply writers to write for our website.

Please read Article Terms and Conditions carefully ,we follow these terms and conditions strictly :-

1.Article should be writer’s own creation and not copied or copy pasted from any other website,magazine,newspaper etc.

2.Article should contain minimum of 800 words.

3.Article should be complete and relevant.

4.Article should use original pics taken by writer from their own camera.

5.Our team will review the article and our decision will be final in this regard.

6.We can accept or reject the article pertaining to our various terms and conditions.

7.Once the article is published payment will be released on same day or next working day.

8.Once article is accepted it can not be published at any other portal.Only foraywhile.com will be the sole owner of the content.

9.Once Foraywhile.com owns the article,it can not be modified by the article writer and can not be published in modified manner on other portal.

10.If found that writer has submitted same article on any other website before or after if got published on foraywhile.com we will terminate the membership of the writer and won’t pursue any business with the writer in future.

 11.We strongly follow business ethics and law of land.

Payment terms and conditions :-

We pay $1 per article.Payment is through paypal only.

Please write your article and send to [email protected]

Please provide us 2-3 days for response.In case of rejection no email will be sent.Once your article is accepted we will send the approval email and payment will be released.

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