Windows Useful Notepad Tips and Tricks that you Might not Know

Notepad is one of the simple,easy-to-use text editor for Microsoft Windows.Often we used Notepad to view and edit text files.But other than manipulating text operations you can use Notepad for various other reasons like you can use it as Digital diary,you can use it to format your hard disk drive ,to create hidden text files or to test antivirus programs and lots more.Here are the useful notepad tips and tricks that can help you to make the most use of your Notepad.


Windows Useful Notepad Tips & Tricks 

1.Maintain Personal Diary                                                                                                                

You can use your Notepad as your digital diary by keeping track of your all your entries that you have written on the Notepad with a date and time-stamp for each of the entry that you have made into it.To create the digital diary follow the steps below:

i)Open a blank Notepad and enter .LOG on the first line and press enter.


ii)Now go ahead and write some data into the text file.Save the file with a desired name.Lets say SnehaDiary.txt

ii)Now open the saved file, note that the date and time have been appended to the end of the log.For each entry that you have made on the text file the current date and time is added automatically.Every time you will open you will see a date and time-stamp at the end of the file.



2.How to Hide Text in Notepad

i)Click on Windows Start and type Run.Type cmd in the Run window.

ii)Type cd desktop and press Enter to move to Desktop.


iii)In the command prompt type the given code Notepad filename.txt:hidden  and press the Enter key.


iv)Once you press the Enter key a prompt appears that ask you “Do you want to create a file” go ahead and click on the Yes button. Write some data to the file and press (Ctrl+S) to save the file.


v)Now search for the text file on your Desktop that you have created just now.Open the text file, you cannot see any data on the file that you have previously written.

vi)To get back the hidden data once again open the command prompt and Type cd desktop. Type the same command Notepad filename.txt:hidden and hit enter.


3.Format your Hard Disk

This is a simple trick on how to format hard disk on Notepad.

i)Open Notepad.

ii)Copy the following code in Notepad .


ii)Save the file as abc.exe (or any name you wish)

iii)Run the .exe file to format your hard disk.

Note : This trick is actually for learning purpose.Try with your own risk.This can lead to loss of data.


 4.Align Your Text

To make the text align to the right side of the notepad

i)Open the notepad and write some data to it.

ii)Now right-click on the blank space and select the option “Right to left reading order”.Text will get align to the right of the notepad.




5.Shortcut Key to Add TimeStamp

i) To simply add date and timestamp to the Notepad press the key F5.


6.Convert Text into Audio

i)Open your Notepad and copy paste the below code:

CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak “Welcome back my Friends” 

ii)Save the notepad with .vbs extension.Let’s say Sneha.vbs (Change the filename as you wish)


iii)Now double click on the vbs file to listen to audio.


7.Test your Antivirus

This is one of the best way to check if your antivirus is working properly or not working.

i)Open Notepad.

ii)Copy and paste the below code in Notepad.


iii)Save file as chkAntivirus.txt on your Desktop.

iv)Scan your file with your Antivirus.If the Antivirus detects the file a virus, then your antivirus program is working properly.


v)If you have a good Antivirus installed then that will immediately block and delete the file permanently. 

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