Windows 7 very Useful Tricks and Tips

Here are Windows 7 very Useful Tricks and Tips to increase your productivity in an efficient way.

1.Three different shortcuts to see the desktop quickly

i)Click on the Show desktop bar present at the right end of the Window Task Manager.


ii)Press the Windows logo key + D  to minimize all the windows that you have opened earlier and to see a clear Desktop.To restore the open windows press the Windows logo key + D  again.

iii)If you want to temporarily preview the desktop press the Windows logo key + Spacebar.


2.Magnify the screen using shortcut keys

Press the Windows logo key + PlusSign(+)  to make the items on your screen appear bigger.To exit magnifier  press  the  Windows logo key + Esc  or simply close the window from the Task Manager bar.






3. Aero Peek using Right and Left Arrow Key in keyboard

To flip or hover through all the open windows over the icons present on the Task Manager.

i) First press the Window Key + T (Letter T) and  then release both the key.




ii)Once you have released both the key , it will automatically hover over the first icon present in the task manager.

iii)After it hover you can gently pressed the Right or Left arrow key to switch between all your open windows forward and backward.


4.Flip & Aero Flip 3D 

Flip – Press the  Alt  + Tab  to see all the opened windows as thumbnail.You can switch between windows by holding the ALT key and pressing the Tab key multiple times.


Aero Flip 3D –  If you have multiples window open and you want to cycle through all the open programs  hold the Windows button and press the Tab key multiple times.



5.Aero Shake

When you have many windows opened and you want to focus on one single window hiding the rest from the view .Just grab the title bar of that window and simply give it a shake you will notice all other windows get disappear.If you want all the windows back then simply shake again .Isn’t! a really cool feature.

Before Shaking



After Shaking




6.Aero Snap

It helps you to resize two window into equal half-size so that you can compare two documents side by side. To start with this just drag the title bar of one window to the side of the screen until a transparent outline windows appears on the screen .Release the mouse for the windows to expand.Bring the second window to the other side of the screen and then release.If you want the windows to return to its original size then double-click on the title bar again.


To enable this feature

i) Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Ease of Access Center

ii) Click on the Make the mouse easier to use settings.


iii) Uncheck the check box “Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen” and then click Apply and Ok.





7.Other useful Windows 7 Short cut keys

i) For Presentation display mode – Windows logo key + P

ii) To check Windows Mobility Center – Windows logo key + X

iii)To Search Files and folders – Windows logo key + F

iv) To lock your PC or switch users – Windows logo key + L

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