Will java suffer?

There is a security hole in java. Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team has earlier warned that  bugs in java software is being exploited to commit identity theft and other hacking activities.

The problem may happen when pc running java in their browser is attacked by hackers to steal credit-card numbers, banking credentials, passwords and commit other types of computer crimes.The Java software platform is most popular inter-operable software which allows developer to write software for any Operating system platform be it Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Macs and Linux.



The security issue is found in the part of Java Platform Software that plugs into Web browsers.According to security experts Java was responsible for almost 50% of hacking attempts made last year

Charlie Miller, a computer engineer with Twitter who has previously worked as a security consultant to Fortune 500 firms and as an analyst with the National Security Agency says that “It’s not like Java got insecure all of a sudden.Actually It’s been insecure for years”.

Now if you want to disable Java on a Windows 7 PC, go to the machine’s Control Panel. Open the Java icon, click on the advanced panel go to java plugin and uncheck the box for “enable the next generation java plugin”.Please refer the image above.

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