Top 8 hosting providers in the world

When one tries to start a blog,the most difficult part is to find the right Hosting provider.When you google to search about best hosting providers, you rarely get the right answer.In many places hosting reseller’s  name has been put as Hosting providers.

To differentiate between Hosting providers and Hosting reseller,one should be bit technical.Searches for IP of reseller or domain name of reseller will help but again it is difficult to trace in terms, that most of reseller’s identity is not shown purposely by the real Hosting providers.In this case Whois look up,traceroute etc and other mechanics to trace reseller may not work.


Lets make the things easy for bloggers when they choose hosting providers.Here are the top real web hosting providers in the world.All the Hosting providers have their own hosted server and do not not fall in category of resellers.


HostGator is a Houston,US based web hosting company with  presence in Austin, Texas as well.It hosts over 8 million domains till now.

Hostgator has the best unlimited hosting plan.They provide all types of hosting ranging from windows to linux to choose from.It starts as low as $3.96 per month.For a blogger I would suggest to go for linux hosting.

You get following features:-

1.Unlimited Diskspace

2.Unlimited Bandwidth

3.Free  SiteBuilder

4.One click Script Installs

5. 4500 Free Website Templates

6.  99.9% Uptime Guarantee

7.45 Day Money Back Guarantee

8. 24/7/365 Technical Support also

9.$100 Google AdWords Offer.

Please classify the best plan for yourself,do check out all Hostgator plan’s here.


BlueHost is a shared hosting company means it has a shared web server.It maintains hosting such that in a single disk multiple hosting sites has its partition.It is done to minimize the cost and provide feasible hosting.It is owned by Endurance International Group.

BlueHost has over 1.9+ million domains including with its sister companies HostMonster and FastDomain.BluHost hosting starts from $4.95 per month now,earlier it used to charge $6.95 per month.

It’s main features are mentioned below:-

1.Unlimited Domain Hosting

2.Unlimited GB Hosting Space

3.Unlimited GB File Transfer

4.Unlimited E-mail Accounts

5.Free Domain

6.Free Site Builder w/ templates

7.Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats

8.CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL support

9.$100 Google Advertising Offer

10.24/7 Phone, Chat & Email Support

This hosting is better in terms of security but is expensive than hostgator.Please do not forget to check the BluHost plans here.


DreamHost is based out of  Los Angeles.It is a web hosting provider as well as domain registrar.It provides Shared,Virtual private server and dedicated hosting.It’s network uses Apache, nginx and lighttpd web servers which is running on the Linux operating system.

Shared hosting is an ideal solution for bloggers, website designers, e-commerce stores and small businesses.If you are not interested in shared hosting then you can choose between virtual private server and dedicated server.Shared hosting starts from $8.95 per month.

DreamHost also provides unlimited space.It several other features are

1.Unlimited Storage

2.Unlimited Bandwidth


4.Cancel anytime,97-day money-back guarantee

5.24/7 technical support

6.Support for PHP5, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails

This hosting is better in terms of selection of types of hosting,say if you are interested in dedicated hosting it could be better,Whole bunch of option can be explored here on DreamHost.


Free Domain with 12+ Months of Website Builder

GoDaddy Group or simply called Godaddy, is a privately held company,it is a domain registrar and web hosting company.It is one of the biggest web hosting company.Go Daddy has more than 45 million domain names registered.In Early 2001,eNom was of same size as Godaddy.

It costs $5.99 per month for web hosting.Its features are

1.Unlimted Bandwidth.

2.Hosting Concierge Setup Assistance

3.10 MySQL Databases

4.4th Generation Technology

5.10 GB space

6.100 Email Accounts

Many different plans and their features for godaddy can be explored here.

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

5.1&1 Internet Inc


It is a German Internet  web hosting company which is owned by United Internet.1&1 is the largest web host in the world and offers free private domain registration.It hosted the seventh-largest number of websites among web hosting companies in the United States.

1&1 is also known for its better reputation.It costs £2.49 per month.It has several features such as

1.5GB webspace

2.PHP 5, PHPDev, Zend Framework support

3.5 MySql Databases

4.1 to 1 sitelock

5.webspace recovery

6.Host multiple website

It is one of the most secured and recovery oriented web hosting with fast response.More option for 1&1 hosting can be explored here -> 1&1 Hosting, Server and eCommerce Solutions

6.ENOM –

It  is a domain name registrar as well as Web hosting company. It manages over 9 million domains.eNom also operates retail sites like eNomCentral.com and BulkRegister.com

It charges $4.88 per month for hosting.It’s features are

1.20GB free space

2.50 email accounts

3.50  hosted domain

4.15 mysql database

More options can be explored here.

Register.com $1.50 Domain Names

It was previously known as Forman Interactive.Register.com was one of the first five testbed registrars for the competitive Shared Registry System.

It charges $9.96 per month for hosting.Its features are

1.Unlimited data transfer

2.300 GB disk space

3. 25 ftp accounts

4. 10 Multi user email account

5.1 free domain

More features and option can be explored from here-> Click here to get your $4.95 per month Register.com hosting plan!
Register.com New Year Banners


It has 1 million subscriber.It purchased Register.com for $135 million in 2010.

Its features are:-

1.Unlimited Web Storage

2.Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer

3.Unlimited MySQL Databases

4.Unlimited Hosted Domains

5.10GB Web Mail Storage

6.Clustered Reliability

7.Unlimited FTP Users

8.Support for development languages

This seems to be most viable for bigger websites.More options can be explored here.


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