Top 5 Largest Cricket Stadium in the World

Here is the list of Top 5 Largest Cricket Stadium in the World in terms of capacity,that is the maximum number of spectators that can accommodate inside the stadium. Among these Melbourne Cricket stadium occupied the top position to be one of the largest and oldest stadium in the world.

1.Melbourne Cricket Ground -It is one of the most oldest and largest cricket stadiums in the world situated in Melbourne the sports capital of Australia. It is the tenth largest stadium in the world, and the largest cricket stadium for holding capacity about nearly 100,012 people.It also holds the world record for the highest light towers at any sporting venue and the first ever one day international cricket match to be played in the year 1971.



2.Eden Gardens -It is one of the biggest cricket ground stadium situated in Kolkata,India.It ranks second largest in the world by seating capacity, it is widely acknowledged to be the most iconic cricket stadium in India.Established in 1964, it currently holds a capacity of 90,000 people.Eden Gardens has been called “cricket’s answer to the Colosseum”.




3.ANZ Stadium -The ANZ Stadium formerly known as Telstra Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium located in the Sydney Olympic Park.Its is the second largest stadium in Australia and the third largest in the world by seating capacity.Established in March 1999, it currently holds a capacity of 83,500 people. This  stadium, is sometimes referred to simply as the “Olympic Stadium”, in Australia because it hosts Sydney Olympics and also 40 sporting events every year.



4.Gaddafi Stadium -Gaddafi Stadium is a cricket ground situated in Lahore, Pakistan.It is the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan and the fourth largest cricket stadium in terms of seating capacity holding about nearly 60,000 people.At first it was named “Lahore Stadium” and then later it was named “Gaddafi Stadium”.



5.Eden Park -Eden Park located in the heart of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest stadium.Eden Park was exclusively a cricket ground in its early years, known variously as the Kingsland Cricket Ground but after merging with Eden Cricket Club it was mamed as the Eden Cricket Ground.The name “Eden Park” was settled after it had been taken over by the Auckland Cricket Association.Established in 1900, it currently holds a capacity of 58,000 people.


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