Top 5 highest paid MBA specializations


Here are the five most popular MBA specializations that help students to earn the highest salaries after graduations.

1.Finance-MBA  in finance is by far the most popular specializations among MBA graduates all over the world.These specialization are always in demand as they provide highly specialized knowledge in the areas of financial planning and analysis, foreign exchange risk management , fund positioning and budgeting that accelerates the success of an individual in financial sectors.Those who do MBA in finance can become finance officers,credit managers, credit risk management analyst,portfolio manager ,personal financial advisor,risk and insurance manager,etc.It is not just popular for positioning students to investment banks and securities firms but also for all business and industries.The number of opportunity in this field is endless because of the massive scope of finance management.


2.Marketing Management– This is the most popular specializations among MBA graduates as it offers ample opportunities to students.Marketing looks into the aspects of  understanding marketing models, marketing strategies and approaching different situations.These specializations focuses on brand consultancy,international marketing, advertising, strategic marketing and consumer relations and sales.MBA in marketing helps students to emerge as business leaders in the field of marketing and advertising.


3.International Business-Due to an increased level of globalization many companies or firms are looking out for those students who are highly specialized and educated in the areas and disciplines relevant to international business activities for running their operations globally.These specializations focuses on strategic planning for international operations and provides depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations.This is a field with great job prospects and solid experience in this career can lead to many other international positions.It is ideal for those seeking to establish or accelerate a career in international business.


4.Entrepreneurship-It is designed for those students who wish to become successful entrepreneurs.It helps the student to develop skills in successfully initiating,expanding business enterprise,creating new ventures and evaluating business opportunities.This program mainly focuses on effective business strategies that can lead to innovations.It helps to start-up development and management of a new business,product or service.


5.Operations Management-It is the field concerned with managing and directing the physical and technical functions of a firm or organization,particularly those relating to development, production and manufacturing.Operations management is often thought of as the primary functions to many organizations.It helps students to get placed in service organization involved in banking,transportation and insurance as well as in manufacturing firms involved in producing industrial and consumer products.

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