Top 10 Social Networking Sites based on Alexa Ranking

Today’s social networking sites have become a platform to connect to your friends, relatives and families.These sites provides us numerous facilities from sharing photos ,uploading videos, exchange of messages , in the expansion of business and organization and also allowing users to send and read text messages.These sites helps people to connect not only personally but also professionally. Here are the top 10 popular social networking sites based on Alexa Ranking.

Top 10 Popular Social Networking Sites


Facebook is a social networking sites that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004.Using Facebook you can connect with your friends, relatives and other people from anywhere in the world.Facebook helps us to share photos and videos,add other users as friends and helps in exchange of messages with your friends or other people on Facebook.As of 2013 report Facebook has over one billion of active users.
Alexa rank – 2











Twitter the online social networking and micro-blogging site that was created in march 21,2006 by Jack Dorsey. Twitter allows users to send and read text messages known as tweets. They are publicly visible by default. The tweets can be a maximum of up to 140 characters.As of 2013 report tweets has over  500 million registered users.
Alexa rank – 10










LinkedIn one of the social networking site that was launched in may 5,2003.This site helps people to connect not only personally but also professionally.It helps in the expansion of business and development of organization.You can use it for networking and recruitment.As of 2013 it has over 200 million acquired users.
Alexa rank – 14










4. Tumblr

Tumblr a micro-blogging and social networking website that was launched in February 2007 and was co-founded y David karp and Marco Arment. It is a subset of blogging and allow users to post contents and multimedia to a short form.As of 2013 it has more than 97 million blogs.
Alexa rank – 31









Pinterest is a new type of image based social bookmarking site that allows users to create,organize and manage theme-based image collections and share with other people all the beautiful things you find on the web.It acts as a personalized media platform where the content created by you and others uploaded content can be browsed on the main page.As of 2013 report it has over 12 million unique users.
Alexa rank – 35










MySpace a social networking service that was launched in August 2003 and was co-founded by Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson.My space had significant influence in pop culture and music.My space has music and videos that you can upload them for free.It allows you to keep in touch with all your My Space friends through email, forums,bulletin,blogs and groups. As of 2013 report MySpace has more than 25 million U.S unique visitors.
Alexa rank – 239










Tagged a social discovery website that was co-founded in 2004 by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier Smith.Tagged allowed other members to view others profile, send and receive messages from other users, share tags , play games and allows to send virtual gifts to their friends.As of 2013 Tagged has over 100 million users.
Alexa rank – 280










Skyrock a social blogging site founded Skyrock CEO Pierre Bellanger in December 2002. It allow users to add profiles,to create blogs,to watch others uploaded video and exchange messages with other Skyrock members.As of January 2013 it has over 21 million visitors worldwide.
Alexa rank – 710













9. Hi5
Hi5 a social gaming networking website that allow users to play games, share photos, update status, interact with and befriend others virtually.The company was founded in 2003 by Ramu Yalamanchi but later in 2011 it was purchased by Tagged for an undisclosed sum. It has nearly 46 million Global visitors.
Alexa rank  – 792












Orkut the social networking website that is operated by Google. Orkut allow users to add friends, to view others profile, to share photos and videos.Any Orkut users have the privilege to add videos to their profile from either YouTube or Google Video.It also provides a option to integrate Gtalk with Orkut so that you can easily chat and share files with your Orkut friends. As of 2013 it has over 33 million active users worldwide.
Alexa Rank – 978










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