Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings in the World

Here are the top 10 most expensive super rich millionaires & billionaires weddings.

1.Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s

Wedding Date: Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer’s on 29th July 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Main Event Attractions: Having more than 750 millions people watching worldwide on television and nearly 600,000 people lining the street to watch a glimpse of it surely it can be called as a “Fairytale Wedding”.Princess Diana wore a puff-ball meringue wedding dress with 10,000 pearls attached to it and had a 25 foot train of ivory taffeta and antique lace.The couple had 27 wedding cakes, in additional 2 identical cakes were prepared in case if one gets damaged.Till date it is considered as the most expensive weddings in the world.

Total Wedding Cost  – $115 Million  (When adjusted to inflation in today’s date)



2.Subrata Roy’s Son’s Sushanto with Richa and Seemanto with Chadini

Wedding Date: The wedding of Subrata Roy’s son took place in Lucknow in 2004.

Main Event Attractions: The wedding included 101 different cuisines from all over the world.Many high profiles Indians and biggest celebrities attended the wedding ceremony.Food were distributed to one and half lakh beggars.Indian tunes were played by a British Symphony Orchestra and they were also performances by the famous Shiamak Davar group.

Total Wedding Cost  – $100 Million  



3.Lakshmi Mittal’s Daughter Vanisha Mittal’s and Amit Bhatia

Wedding Date: The wedding of Vanisha Mittal’s with Amit Bhatia took place in France in 2004 at Vaux le Vicomte one of the finest chateau and garden in France.

Main Event Attractions: A 20 page silver invitation card was sent to around 1000 guests from all over the world.Bollywood biggest celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan , Saif Ali Khan , Akshay kumar and many more performed at the wedding ceremony.International pop star Kylie Minogue also performed at the ceremony.There were around 100 Indian vegetarian delicacies that were prepared by top chef.

Total Wedding Cost  – $78 Million  



4.Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Princess Salama

Wedding Date: The wedding took place in Dubai in 1981.

Main Event Attractions: A  large hall was built to accommodate 20,ooo people.

Total Wedding Cost  – $45 Million 



5.Lalit Tanwar and Yogita Jaunpuria

Wedding Date: The wedding was held on 4th March at Jaunpur village.

Main Event Attractions:Over 20,000 guests were invited to attend the ceremony and 1000 persons were arranged to look after the wedding ceremony. Silver biscuits of 30gm ,Safari suit and $500 were presented to each person from the groom side who had attended the marriage.Bollywood top celebrities and high profiles Indians made their presence at the grand ceremony.More than 100 kinds of cuisines from Italian to Chinese were served to the guests.12 giant TV screens were installed to broadcast their proceedings.Apart from this a bell 429 helicopter was gifted by the bride to the groom and also nearly 130 crores of gifting items were gifted to the groom.

Total Wedding Cost  – around $44 Million 



6.Prince William and Kate Middleton

Wedding Date: The wedding took place on 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London.

Main Event Attractions:The wedding was widely broadcast on internet ,television and radio in more than 180 countries.On the wedding day Kate Middleton wore a satin dress that had overlaid laced bodies that cost around $70,000.The cost of wedding flowers was around $800,000.The wedding cake that cost $80,000 was an eight-tiered fruit cake with white icing on it and 900 sugar paste flowers.

Total Wedding Cost  –  $34 Million 



7.Miss Yugoslavia Aleksandra Kokotovic and Andrew Melnichenko

Wedding Date: The wedding took place on 3rd September 2005 in France.

Main Event Attractions:International singers Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston performed at the wedding party.They were given a private jet to attend the party and each were paid $3.6 million to perform. Rumours circulated that a Russian church was dismantled, shipped to Cote d’ Azur were the wedding reception was held and again it was reconstructed and renovated.

Total Wedding Cost  – $30 Million 


8.Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev

Wedding Date: The wedding took place on February 18th 2006.

Main Event Attractions:It was ten days wedding and spread across three Indian cities (Mumbai,Delhi and Udaipur). 600 guests from 26 countries were given private chartered jets to attend the wedding ceremony.The guests included many high profiles and biggest celebrities from Bollywood.

Total Wedding Cost  – $20 Million 



9.Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mclaughlin

Wedding Date: The wedding took place on 12th June 2008 in Italy.

Main Event Attractions:She wore a wedding gown that costs around 200,000 euro that included pearls and crystals.The 4 day wedding ceremony started by flying 64 guests on a ultra-luxury yacht to portofino located on the Italian Riviera.

Total Wedding Cost  – $17 Million 



10.Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

Wedding Date: The wedding took place on 31st July 2010 in NewYork, USA.

Main Event Attractions: On the wedding day she wore a lavender chiffon wedding gown with princess skirt ,tiara-like silver and rhinestone belt that costs $25,000.Flowers like orchids, casablanca ,garden roses and perennials were used that costs around$500,000.To protect the high level democrats and global celebrities $200,000 were spent on security.

Total Wedding Cost  – around $7 Million 


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