Top 10 Best Funny Websites to Make you Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Our everyday lives has become so busy and stressful that we don’t have time to laugh.But we just need to find out a way to laugh more and to remove worries and stress from our life.Here are the 10 best funny websites that can make you laugh out loud, ha ha ,he he, ho ho.


This website contains super funny videos, hilarious pranks ,crazy and funny pictures. Break.com is the  number one comic site that has awesome source of videos on the internet.It has thumbs up / thumbs down feature to rank the  materials on this site.

Link to the site – http://www.break.com/


2.Funny Or Die.com

It is a comedy video website that contains funny videos , jokes ,articles ,pictures and words.This websites contains exclusive and original materials for the site.Starting from celebrities to regular users anybody can contribute their videos to the site.After watching the video there is option of voting that is good rating (Funny) and bad rating (Die).

Link to the site – http://www.funnyordie.com/



It is one of the most popular entertaining comedy site.Here you will find cutest and funniest pictures of cats and dogs,celebrities funny pics, animated pics with some funny captions to make you laugh.This site has a voting system where a user can rate an image from         1 to 5 cheezburgers.

Link to the site – http://www.cheezburger.com/



It is the most popular humor site in America.The site has a huge collection of funny pictures, articles and cool videos,sarcastic article and other funny stuff.This is one of the most funny website that everyone should check out.

Link to the site – http://www.cracked.com/


5.College Humor.com

This is the popular comedy website that contains original and user submitted videos, funny images and articles.As the name suggest this is one of the coolest site for any college student.

Link to the site – http://www.collegehumor.com/



This is the largest fun-sharing social media website.Here you can find comical images,ridiculous captioned pics and entertaining videos where users are allowed to vote and comment.

Link to the site – http://9gag.com/


7.People Of  Walmart.com

This is one of the funny websites that contains strange and funny pictures of people shopping in Walmart. Here you will also find  mischievous videos and stories of people of Walmart.

Link to the site – http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/



The Chive is one of the photo entertaining website where you will find funny pictures of animals, beautiful and ugly girls, humor photos ,meme and unbelievable videos.

Link to the site – http://thechive.com/


9.Video Bash.com

Video Bash is a funny website that contains meaningful ,animated and funny videos of animals and babies, pictures, clips , jokes and pranks from all over the world.

Link to the site – http://www.videobash.com/


10.Comedy Central.com

Comedy Central is an entertaining website that contains tons of funny videos & clips,dirty jokes and news.They also have a series of em brassing episodes.

Link to the site – http://www.comedycentral.com/



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