Top 10 Best Cities in the World to live in

People very often make a choice of city to live in depending on the best livable conditions and many other factors.There are many list of cities published by many sources,but one thing which is common in all of them, is livability.

In other words we can say that a city is best place to live in, if it stand’s tall on tolerance towards all odds and its facilities,also its weather conditions ,crime limits,transport system,medical facilities,freedom,climate and education facilities.

Based on listing of the cities ,MNC’s opens their offices,industries etc in these cities.

Let’s have a glance of the best cities in the world:-

1.Zurich –


 Zurich is one of the best global city and is also home to the world’s largest financial institutions.A large number of  multinational bank have their offices here.Also most of the research and development facilities are concentrated in Zurich.The low tax rates attracts  MNC’s to set up their headquarters here.

Zurich has a population of almost  1.83 million.

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2.Vienna –


Vienna is also known as city of music.It is the capital of Austria.It is one of  the best city with regards to culture, infrastructure and markets.Vienna hosts urban planning conferences and city itself is a case study by urban planners.Vienna is the world’s number one destination for international congresses and conventions.

Vienna has a population of 1.731 million.



It is the New Zealand’s largest city.Almost all major international corporations have an office in Auckland.Auckland  is the economic capital of the nation.



Munich is a financially very strong city.Munich is considered a global city and holds the headquarters of Siemens AG (electronics),BMW (car), MAN AG (truck manufacturer, engineering), Linde (gases), Allianz (insurance), Munich Re (re-insurance), and Rohde & Schwarz(electronics).

Munich has been headquarter of many large companies such as aircraft engine manufacturer- MTU Aero Engines, the space and defense contractor -EADS , the injection molding machine manufacturer- Krauss-Maffei, the camera and lighting manufacturer- Arri, the semiconductor firm – Infineon Technologies, lighting giant- Osram, as well as many other foreign companies like McDonald and Microsoft.



Vancouver is the most populous city in western canada.Vancouver has become an  important center for economic activities like software development, biotechnology, aerospace, game development, animation and television production and film industry.

Vancouver’s natural  locations makes it a major tourist destination. Many visit to see the city’s gardens, Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden and the mountains, ocean, forest and park lands which surrounds the city.

It has a population of 2.3 million.



Melbourne is referred as the Garden City.It is also the cultural capital of Australia.Melbourne has diversified economy which is largely into finance, manufacturing, research, IT, education, logistics and transportation and tourism.

Out of top 4 big banks(National Australian Bank,Commonwealth Bank,WestPac,Australia and New Zealand Banking Group)  of Australia,2 banks NAB and ANZ, have their headquartered in Melbourne.

Melbourne is also Australia’s industrial center. It is the center of Australia’s automotive industry and is home to Ford and Toyota manufacturing facilities.



Helsinki is Finland’s major political, educational, financial, cultural and research center.80% of top Finnish companies are headquartered in Greater Helsinki. One of the unique thing of helsinki is its tap water which is so pure that it is used as drinking water,the bottled tap water is sold to countries like Saudi Arabia.

Helsinki has population of 1.36 million.



Calgary is the one of the oldest city of canada. The city has both economical and cultural diversity.Calgary’s economy was closely tied to the oil industry.Calgary is known as the leader of the oil and gas industry in canada.

The major oil and gas companies in calgary are BP Canada, Canadian Natural Resources Limited, Cenovus Energy, Encana, Imperial Oil, Suncor Energy, Shell Canada, TransCanada, and Nexen.

Calgary has a population of 1.2 million.



Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany.Frankfurt is the financial and transport center of Germany and is also the largest financial centre in Europe.World’s best institutions like European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ,the Frankfurt Trade Fair, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and DZ Bank are located here. Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s busiest international airports.

Frankfurt is one of the top three cities for MNC’s in Europe, along with London and Paris.

Frankfurt has a population of 5.6 million.



Tokyo is the capital of japan. Tokyo has the largest metropolitan area in the world.Tokyo has been a home to major international finance center, the world’s largest investment banks,insurance companies, and is a hub for Japan’s transportation, publishing and broadcasting industries.

Tokyo has a total population of 13 million.

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