Search the Web by Taking a Picture from your Mobile Phone

Instead of searching the web by typing words or by speaking through the microphone now search the web by taking pictures from your mobile phone.

The amazing Google Goggles apps for your Android devices allows you to search the web by taking a picture from your mobile phone.Just capture the interesting things that you see around you and Google Goggles will immediately give you the answer.

It doesn’t matter if you have no idea about a book, grocery items, shopping malls, temples or landmarks with Google Googles you can instantly get the right information at the right time.It searches the web based on the pictures taken from your mobile devices.

It also reads the text from the picture and translates it automatically.Great app for those travellers who don’t the language of the country they visit. Google Goggles also works as a barcode scanner to read the information about a product.One of the best feature is that it directly extract’s the contacts information from the business cards and automatically saves the contacts to your phone.

Steps on How Google Goggles Works

1.Open the Google Play Store app(earlier known as Android Market) on your android device.

2.Now search for the Google Goggles app and download the app to your device.

3.Once you have installed the app, just look for the Google Goggles icon on your home screen and tap the app.

4.Now click on the camera icon.Once you have captured the image just wait for few seconds for the app to analyse it..For e.g  to show you how it works I took a picture of a book using Google Goggles apps on my android mobile, view the screenshots below.

i) To take the image of the object cover the screen as much as possible.


ii)After capturing the image wait for a few seconds for the app to analyse the object.Once it has recognized the object, it displays search result for that particular object.


Similarly you can use as Barcode scanner to read the information.

i) Open the google Goggles app and aim the camera at any product’s barcode to get the information about the product.


ii)It scans the product barcode and displays search results.


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