Most Useful and Powerful Plugin for Gmail

Rapportive is a plugin for Gmail that gives you the detailed information about your Gmail contacts in one place.This plugin has the following list of features; it allows to see the face and the location of the email sender, a simple button that helps you to view all the recent mails send by that particular sender, it allows you to see social networking information about your contacts and that too in one place.Basically it adds rich contact profiles to Gmail.

for eg. Let’s say someone has send you a mail with some basic information but you want to know the sender’s detailed information regarding the job, company on LinkedIn profile or other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook ,then this plugin will let you to easily connect and establish a rapport with this person.


Steps on how to install and use Rapportive plugin

1.Click on the given link to install RapportiveforChrome.

2.To install the plugin click on the “Add to Chrome” button on the details page.

3.When the confirmation dialog box appears, click the “Add” button.

4.Now login to your Gmail account.Once logged click on the browser’s refresh button.

5.Within Gmail you can see the Rapportive link appears at the top right corner, near your Settings link.


6.Click on the drop down menu and select the option “Connect your social networks”.



7.A window appears that allows you to access all your social networking services at one place.If you want to find and connect contacts to every other social network , then you need to connect Rapportive to your various social networks.


8.Once you have completed, open any mail from your inbox to see the detailed information about your contacts on the right hand side.


9.Open your compose mails and type the email address of the person you want to send the mail.Look to the right hand side of your email, you will find everything about the contact person.


10.You can also add a private note about this person that will show up in your future email interaction.




11.To see all the recent mails send by this person, simply click on the mail icon present at the left hand side of the compose button.

12.If you want to get more out of  Rapportive , then you can add the raplets. Click on the Rapportive link at the top right corner and click on “Add Raplets”




*Rapportive is perfectly safe it does not use your private information.To know more about it click on the Rapportive privacy policy.

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