Lose 1-2 kg in just 1 week…


Get set ready this winter to shed those extra kilos without starving of food and by doing just some simple exercises.Just by doing some cardio exercises lose 1-2 kg in 1 week.
All you have to do is to follow some simple cardio exercise for 40 minutes daily listed below:

Listed below are the cardio exercises which you have to do ….

1) Squad– Stand with your feet hip width apart.Tighten and pull in your abdominal muscles as you go down then lower your body as if you were going to sit in a chair.Do it in a slow motion.Stop when your legs are parallel to the floor and stay in this position for a 10 seconds .Now gently and slowly rise back up to a standing position.Repeat the exercise for a total of 2  sets of 8 reps.


2)Lunges– Stand straight holding dumbell in each hand.Step your right foot out approximately three feet in front of your body. Look down your right leg.Bent forward making a right angle with your thigh parallel to the ground. Stop for 5 second while you push off the ground with your right foot, coming back to the starting position. Now, perform the same move, but this time step out with your left foot. Repeat this exercise for a total of 2 sets with 6 reps on each side


3)Kickboxing-Stand straight with your hands closed and towards your chest.Lift your right leg high up in the air as you are kicking   something.Alternatively try with your left leg.Repeat this exercise for total of 2 sets with 15 reps on each side.


4)Pilates– Lie down flat on a mat.Bend the knees and place the feet flat in the floor.Raise both the arms up inhale as you slowly move forward wait for 2 second and then exhale while you slowly move back to the same position.Repeat this exercise for a total of 2 sets with 10 reps.


5) Mountain Climbers-Lie down with your hands flat on the ground with your glutes pointing straight up in the air with left leg forward and right leg back jump up and down switching from left to right and then the same from right to left make sure that you are breathing when you are doing this exercise.Repeat this exercise for a total of 2 sets  with 10 reps on each side of your legs.


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