ICC Champions Trophy All Seasons Winners and 2013 Champions Trophy Schedule

ICC Champions Trophy is an international cricket event.It is the most popular one day international tournament after World Cup Cricket.It was started in 1998 under name ICC Knock Out Tournament.This name was later changed to Champions Trophy in 2002.

From 2009 on-wards,ICC formulated regulations which allowed only top 8 teams to participate based on ICC ODI ranking before six month of the start date of tournament.

Lets have a look at the winners of Champions Trophy till now.

1.ICC Knock Out Tournament 1998 Winner – South Africa

The Tournament was hosted by Bangladesh.All matches were played in Dhaka,the capital of Bangladesh.In final match South africa beat West Indies.South Africa became the first team to win champions trophy.


2.ICC Knock Out Tournament 2000 Winner – New Zealand

This time kenya hosted the tournament.The tournament was won by New Zealand.They beat India in the final.


3.ICC Champions Trophy 2002 Winner – Sri Lanka and India

The tournament was held in Sri Lanka.The tournament was jointly won by Sri Lanka and India.They played two finals.
The first final match got impacted by rain ,In this match first Sri Lanka played 50 overs and then India
played for 2 overs.


Again in the second final match Sri Lanka played for 50 overs and India played only 8 overs and then rain interruption happened.
Both the matches ended with no result.


4.ICC Champions Trophy 2004 Winner – West Indies

All matches were played in England.This time USA and kenya also participated.The final was won by West indies.
They beat England by 2 wickets.


5.ICC Champions Trophy 2006 Winner – Australia

The tournament was played in India. Australia and West Indies played in the final.Australia beat West Indies by 8 wickets.The Australia won the tournament for the first time.


6.ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Winner – Australia

This time pakistan had to host the event but due to security reasons ICC decided to shift the event to south africa.
In the final Australia beat the New Zealand by 6 wickets in 45.2 overs.


7.ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Winner – India

The tournament was played in England.India and England played in the final.India beat England by 5 runs.



The Interesting Facts about ICC Knock Out Tournament and ICC Champions Trophy:-


  • The first unknown fact is that the 2013 will be last Championship Trophy as ICC is planning to replace it with ICC World Test Championship.
  • The Champions Trophy is played every two years while World Cup is played every four year.
  • The Champions Trophy lasts for maximum 2 weeks.
  • In 2002 and 2004,12 teams participated in Champions Trophy.
  • Knock Out Tournament was renamed to Champions Trophy,The knock Out Tournament was a straight knock out where loosing teams used to get out of the competition.
  • In 1998 and 2000 when knock out format was applied only 8 and 10 games were played.
  • In 2002 when it was renamed to Champions Trophy,4 pool format was applied where all teams were divided into 4 pools each containing 3 teams,since total no of teams playing this time was 12.This format was also used in 2004.
  • In 2006 when only 8 teams were playing, so 2 pools were formed and 2 teams with highest point from each pool moved ahead to play semifinal.
  • In 2009,Australia became first team to win champions trophy twice.



This year total 15 matches will be played including two semi finals and 1 final.

1.First Match – INDIA VS SOUTH AFRICA,6th June 2013,10:30 AM BST

Cardiff Wales Stadium,Cardiff



2.Second Match – PAKISTAN VS WEST INDIES,7th June 2013,10:30AM BST

The Oval,London




3.Third Match – ENGLAND VS AUSTRALIA,8th June 2013,10:30 AM BST

Edgbaston stadium,Birmingham



4.Fourth Match – NEW ZEALAND VS SRI LANKA,9th june 2013,10:30 BST

cardiff wales stadium,cardiff



5.Fifth Match-PAKISTAN VS SOUTH AFRICA- 10th June 2013,1.00pm BST

Edgbaston stadium,Birmingham



6.Sixth Match – INDIA VS WEST INDIES,11th June 2013,10:30BST

The Oval,London



7.Seventh Match – AUSTRALIA VS NEW ZEALAND,12th June 2013,10:30 AM BST

Edgbaston stadium,Birmingham



8.Eight Match-ENGLAND VS SRI LANKA,13th June 2013,1:00PM BST

The Oval,London



9.Ninth Match – SOUTH AFRICA VS WEST INDIES-1th June 2013,10:30 AM BST

cardiff wales stadium,cardiff



10.Tenth Match-INDIA VS PAKISTAN-15th June 2013,10:30AM BST

Edgbaston stadium,Birmingham



11.Eleventh Match-ENGLAND VS NEW ZEALAND-16th June 2013,10:30AM BST

cardiff wales stadium,cardiff





12.Twelth Match -AUSTRALIA VS SRI LANKA-17th June 2013 ,1.00pm BST

The Oval,London




13.First Semifinal – 19th June 2013,10:30 am BST

The Oval,London


14.Second Semifinal – 2oth june 2013,10:30 BST

cardiff wales stadium


15 .Final – 23rd June 2013,10:30 BST

Edgbaston stadium,Birmingham

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