How to Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering on Slow Internet Connection

We all loved to watch streaming videos online but however due to slow internet connection the video takes much longer to load and buffer that makes us angry and frustrated.Here are the two best ways that can help you to watch YouTube videos without buffering even with slow internet connection.

Method 1

1.Open your browser and search for any YouTube videos you want to watch.Check the address bar on your browser and just change www to m as shown below.
For eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xOSoONDpY4 to http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5xOSoONDpY4


2.Hit enter on your keyboard.

3.Click on the video you want to watch it will display the external protocol request dialog box.


4.Just click the launch application dialog box and it will play the video without buffering as its highly compressed.


5.In case you get error just goto http://www.real.com/player download and install the real player and it will work properly without buffering.

Method 2

1.To watch any YouTube video without buffering just click on the given link below.


2.Click the join HTML 5 trial and refresh it.Watch the full video without buffering.

Note:It works only in Google Chrome Browser but if you want to watch videos using Internet Explorer Browser then you have to get Google Chrome Frame installed.

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