How to use Computer as a Full Screen Mirror

Getting ready for a office party or for a meeting! just a simple click from your office computer does the trick to turn your computer screen into a full screen mirror.

Introducing a cool app Screen Mirror for Chrome that turns you computer into an amazing full screen mirror.Forget the old-fashioned way of carrying a mirror to office or school.The world is digital,so the future of mirror is also digital.

Now at work you can easily check your make-up or manage your messy hair.You don’t have to go all the way to restroom to check how you look.Just sit down and get ready at your desk.


This not only act as a mirror but also has 30 pre-installed filters to add a little bit of visual fun effects to your mirror.

Steps on how it works

1.Once you have added Screen Mirror from Chrome web store  just launch the app.

2.From the full screen mirror just tap or click the screen to cycle through the preset filters.The preset filter appears at the top left corner of your mirror screen.


3.Once you have installed this app, you can use it even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Note: To use this app you must have built-in webcam,otherwise it won’t work.

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