How to uninstall or delete application from iPad

Thinking of deleting/removing the application or thinking to free some space in your ipad then you can go ahead with the below steps and delete those unnecessary apps from your iPad.An installed app can be easily deleted by long press on the app and then can be opted to delete or cancel later when cross symbol appears on top left of app.

Here is the step by step details of how to Uninstall or delete application from iPad.













1.Hold your finger on the icon for the application you wish to uninstall until your icons begin to shake or wiggle.













2.Click on the “X” in the top left hand of the corner for the App you want to remove.













3.After you click on the “X” button a confirmation message will be displayed  just tap to Delete the App and all of its data from your iPad will be deleted


If you again wish to reinstall the same application then visit the Appstore and install it.

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