How to Undo and Delay a Send Mail in Gmail

Oops!! have you hit the send button too early without attaching the file or have misspelled some words or you have sent it to wrong email address and you find there is no way that you could undo the send message.But don’t worry! with Gmail lab feature called “undo send” you can unsend a message if you have sent it accidentally.

Here are the steps to undo sent mail in Gmail.

1.Click on the gear icon gear in the top right corner.


2.Select the Settings to navigate to Gmail lab.


3.From the Settings page open the Labs tab.


4. You will see a list of Labs feature that are available.Go to the “Undo Send” lab feature and enable it.


5.After enabling click on the save changes button.


6.If you want to customize your undo send duration tab, then from the Settings select the General tab.There you can set the time for the send cancellation period.


7.After customizing the send cancellation period ,click on the save changes button.

8.The next time you send a message you will get a notification bar where you could immediately undo the send message.





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