How to Type in your own Language on Facebook and Twitter

Want to update a status on Facebook or post a tweet on Twitter in your own language?.Well now you can !

There is an amazing extension for Google Chrome that allows you to directly type in your own native language without any effort.You can use this extension to update anything on the internet in your own language like you can use it for chatting, sending mails, adding annotations to YouTube videos, updating status and for other such things.

Facebook also has an language option settings, but changing it just changes the Facebook text strings in the language of their own.It doesn’t allow you to type in your own language.There are also some other ways you can change the language to your own, like you can use the Google translation tool to copy and paste the translated language on Facebook and Twitter, but that takes lot of time.

The Google Multi-languages extension is very flexible, handy to use and works on all major social sites.


 Steps on how it works

1.Add this extension Google Multi-languages to your Chrome Browser.

2.Once you have installed this extension you can find the icon at the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

3.Now click on the installed Google Input Tools icon and select Extension options.


4.From the Input Tools settings windows that appears, double-click to select your desired language.


5.You can reorder your selected input tools by clicking the up and down arrow.


6.There are other setting options available to add “Synchronize user dictionary”, “Show on-screen keyboard”, “Show status bar”.

7.Now open Facebok or Twitter and type/write your desired language.

8.To turn off the extension simply just click on the icon and select Turn Off options.


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