How to Turn an Image into Amazing Puzzles

Bored at work? Take a short break from work and re-energise your mind. Neat, smooth and easy to use this Chrome Puzzles extension for Chrome, allows you to instantly turn any image into a sliding tile or block puzzle.Simply browse any photo online and get ready to play.

You can also make your own picture puzzle by selecting photo of yours on Facebook, Google+ or any other social sites.The game is highly customizable as you can choose the size of the puzzle or you can create your own custom puzzles.

How it works

1.Add this extension  Chrome Puzzles to your Chrome browser.

2.Just right-click on an image and select the option “Puzzle for Chrome“.


3.You can choose the size of the puzzle between 3×3, 4×4, 5×5  or you can create your own.


4.A new tab opens, that displays the puzzle for the image you have selected.

5.To play the puzzle simply press the Shuffle button.


6.If all that clutter makes you confused, then you can click on the “numbers” button to get a hint.It also displays the number of moves and the time in seconds.

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