How to Test Your Laptop’s CPU and Motherboard Temperature

Learn how to find out the exact temperature of your CPU and Motherboard along with detailed information about the hardware and software of your computer such as hard drive size, operating systems, graphics card, clock speed of the memory installed, model of the motherboard, monitor display frequency, signal strength of your WiFi and other such useful information about your computer.

Speccy is a tool from Piriform the makers of CCleaner and Defraggler that allows you to check the exact temperature of CPU and Motherboard in your computer.It gives you the detailed information and statistics on every piece of hardware in your computer. Speccy is 100% safe and virus-free.It includes Microsoft certified compatibility with Windows 7 and code signing by VeriSign.

 Steps on how to check your Laptop’s CPU and Motherboard temperature

1.Click on the given link Download Speccy Free to download the Speccy tool from Piriform.You can either download from FileHippo.com or Piriform.com that is available in Speccy free edition.



2.After Speccy tool has been successfully installed, allow the program to make changes to your computer.


3.The tool starts analysing the temperature of your CPU, Motherboard and internal Hardware devices.

4.The summary window displays the temperature of your CPU and Motherboard along with the detailed information about your computer.


5.Speccy also gives you the information about your CPU core temperature.

6.To get the CPU core temperature, navigate to the CPU tab and click on the small blue arrow present near to core 0 and core 1.



7.The above screen shot displays the temperature of each core.The temperature is indicated with a colour code.In the above image the core 1 temperature is orange in colour and the core 2 temperature is slightly less, so it is yellow in colour. The colour goes from yellow to orange to red as it gets hotter.

8.Navigate to each tabs present on the left side bar to get the detailed information about the software and hardware of your computer.



9.You can also take a snapshot of your PC in Speccy and save it, so that you can review it a later time.To take the Speccy snapshot, click file and then click Save Snapshot.You can export the information to Plain text, to XML or to the Web.



10.To check the temperature in Farenheit click view > options and then change the radio button to Fahrenheit(F).


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