How to Sync and Watch Videos Simultaneously with your Friends around the World

Ever wanted to watch videos simultaneously with your friends or your loved ones without sitting next to you?..Well now you can.

Sync-video gives you the ultimate virtual experience of watching movies and videos with your friends who live far away.Very simple and easy to use.You can easily manage, share and save your playlists without any hassles.It allows you to play video at the same time keeping videos in sync with your friends that you have shared.

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Here are the steps on how it works

1.Click on the given link SyncVideos.

2.Create a new room..Enter username and click on the join button.


3.Enter YouTube  or Vimeo video URL of your favorite movie or music video that you want to sync with your friends.

5.To add the video click on the plus(+) button present to the right.You can add any number of videos you want.


6.Once you have selected video you can invite your friends to join the room.You can invite your friends in two ways either
you can send the sync videos link or you can share via social media.


7.You can sync videos privately or publicly(note:By default video sync is private but to make it public you have to login and register).

8.It also has different control features such as repeat, shuffle, auto-play and pause on buffering to control videos.
Note: Suppose you quickly want to create new room with any video just add “sync-” before YouTube video url and Vimeo video url.


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