How to show your profile image in google search results

It really looks cool and exciting when you see your google+ profile image appearing in search results alongside of your blog articles.I observed it for many wordpress bloggers.It really adds feel and authenticity to your blog.

We can clearly realize that for below search results in google  for “best hosting providers” ,the result with image stand out from the rest and viewers of the website is most likely to click on that particular link.


Also Visitors of the blog get to know the person behind blog and feel more comfortable while commenting and associating with the blog.I tried many tricks to apply this on my blog.Actually there are many ways by which Google+ profile image can be shown alongside in search results.

Main motto is that Search results with profile pic really stand out from rest.I am going to mention here the most easy and quick method by which you can show your image in google search for your own wordpress Blog.

Following are the steps which needs to be followed:-

1.Create your Google+ profile ,Your profile must have a picture which right quality and visibility.Here is the example.



In the url section,Google+ id is shown which will be used to link your profile with wordpress blog.


The logic behind this is to provide a link of your profile id in your wordpress blog.


2.Once your profile is created,login to your wordpress blog and go to widget section(Appearance->widget).Now add a text widget to your sidebar.Remember the idea is to just put a link of your Google+ profile in your wordpress blog code.Refrecne can be added in your footer.php or anywhere else of your blog code.As sidebar appears on all pages of blog so for demo lets put the link of your Google+ profile id in text widget on sidebar.

The most important aspect here is rel=author is required to be added in link alongside of Google+ profile id.This is important as it approves that your are the author of this blog.

Include below link in text widget.Replace profile id 115338250054551xyz with your Google + profile id.

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/115338250054551xyz ? rel=author” > Google+ </a>



3.Now go to your Google+ account and go to  profile section and click on edit profile.Go to contributor section and add your blog link and click on save.



Hurrah ,we are done.Now to check whether everything has been set up properly test your website link in Structured Data Testing Tool.

If everything has been linked properly you will see your image appearing alongside of your article in Structured Data Testing Tool.If Image and Verified link appears as shown in  below image then all is well.



Now you have to play wait and watch game till your image appears in google search results.Google takes more than a week or so to index your profile image with your wordpress blog for displaying in Google search results.

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