How to See who has Viewed Your Facebook Profile Without any App or Software

As you have seen many Apps and services allows you to see who views your Facebook profile and so on.But unfortunately, these apps and software are still nothing but the scam and spam.These apps and software may take away your password or may install spam post on your and your friend’s wall.But if you still want to see who has viewed your Facebook profile ,then there is a simple way that you can achieve this without installing any apps or software.

Steps on how to find out who has viewed your facebook profile in last 24 hrs

1.Login to your Facebook account.

2.On your Facebook Page Right-click on a blank space and select the option “View page source“.



3.Once the Facebook search page opens Press Ctrl F and search for “FriendsList“.



4.This will show you the list of numbers.These numbers are the people who have viewed your Facebook profile in the last 24 hrs.



5. Copy one of the number from the list of numbers that are sorted in descending order according to the views.

6.Paste the number in the Facebook address bar after www.Facebook.com/ as shown in the below image.



7.Before pressing the Enter key, Delete the hypen  followed by the last number.For e.g  if the number is 10002130046798-2 then make it as 10002130046798.Refer to the below image.



8.It will redirect to that person profile page who has viewed your Facebook profile in the last 24 hrs. This works perfectly in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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