How to Recover your Lost Facebook Password From your Trusted Friends

Sometimes you may come across a situation when you have lost your Facebook password and you find that all the options to reset your password has failed.In that case your Trusted Friends Contact will do the work.Recently Facebook has added Trusted Contact feature that allows you to add friends to your Trusted Contacts, so that they can help you to recover your lost password.

Steps to enable the Trusted Contacts

1.To start with the trusted contact feature first click on the Facebook settings on the home page and select the Account Settings option.


2.From the General Account Settings page click on the Security Settings menu.


3.In the Security Settings page click on the Edit button to enable the “Trusted Contact” feature.


4.Now click on the Choose Trusted Contacts link.


5.A new pop-up windows appears select the “Choose Trusted Contact”s button.


6.Enter 3 to 5 names of your friends whom your trust, so that they can give you the security codes whenever there is a problem to access your account.


7.Click on the “Confirm” button to see the list of trusted contact friends you have added.



Steps to Recover your Facebook Passwords using Trusted Contacts

1.Open Facebook and click on the “Forgot your Password”.


2.Enter the Facebook email account that you are not able to access and click on the Search button.


3.On the Reset your password page click on the “No longer you have access to these”.


4.Enter the email id that you have not used on Facebook or simply create a new email and click on the Continue button.


5.Now you call your friends that are added to your Trusted contacts list and asked them to visit  https://www.facebook.com/recover.


6.Friends that are on your trusted contacts will give you a code.If you have added 3 friends to your trusted contacts list then you have to enter the code given by all your 3 friends.


7.Once you entered the code and click continue , facebook will send you message to recover your account.The message will be delivered to the email id that you have provided here.

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