How to Open Multiple Websites Simultaneously in a Single Click Using Google Chrome

Generally when you start your computer in the morning what you do? as usual you open your browser and start searching for pages that you want to appear on your desktop or you go to the bookmarks to open the page from there.But instead of doing so many things why not try out the short and simple tips that can help you to open multiple websites or pages simultaneously in one single click and helps you in saving your lot of time.

1.Launch the Google Chrome browser.

2.After you have launched the Google Chrome browser go to “Customise and control Google Chrome” settings at the top right corner.


3.From the customise icon select the Settings option.


4.Once the settings page is opened go to “On start-up” and select the radio button “open a specific page or  set of pages”.


5.On the right side of  “open a specific page or set of pages” you will find a “Set pages” link.

6.Click on the “Set pages” link it will open a pop-up window that will ask you to enter the url of the websites that you want to see on start-up.


7.Just go on adding the url of the websites that you want to see on start-up.After adding the url click on the OK button.


8.If you want to add all the url of the current websites that you have opened just click on the “use current pages” button.It will add the url of all the pages that is opened.


9.Close all your Google Chrome tabs that you have opened earlier.Now open a fresh Google Chrome browser and you will see all your websites are getting launched in one single click.


Just click on the short YouTube video for a quick demo.

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