How to Make your Video Clip Float on any Website

Ever wanted to see your clip floating on any website? Simply take videos from your PC camera or from your smartphone and see your video clip floating on your favorite websites.

With VideoStir you can create a floating clip in minutes that you can use it for commercial and even entertainment purposes.You can share the link of your floating clip with your friends and loved ones.

If you are running a website you can create your own virtual spokesperson that you can use it for introducing about your website or delivering message to visitors visiting your website.You can also make amusing videos of your own, your friends or pets and watch their clips floating on any websites.


Steps on How it Works

1.Click on the given link VideoStir.

2.You can either shoot videos from your cameras and upload it or you can upload existing videos from your computer.

3.While uploading videos make sure that video is 90 sec long and with a file size of 256 MB.


4.Wait until the video clip has been processed.

5.It gives you option to adjust the floating clip.You can adjust the position, size, delay, rotation, zoom and by pixels.


6.To test just type any website address and click on the “Test it” button.

note: If it doesn’t work, then click the “Test it” button again.

7.To share it with your friends just click on the “Share” button and copy the floating clip link.

8.Just click on the “Happy” button to embed the code right into your website.

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