How to Make your Picture Talk to You

Can you imagine that you can make any picture talk to you? Surprisingly you can! There is an amazing online tool that allows you to convert any photo into a talking character.Bring alive your photos, just grab a picture of your friend or any images from the internet and use it to create funny animated talking picture.


This tool you can use not only for fun purposes but also to express your emotions.Suppose you have hurt your friend and you want to apologize then you can send a talking photo of yours saying “sorry” to him/her.Feeling shy to confess your love for someone say it with a cute little talking picture.

Free, Easy-to-use a very simple tool that comes with really cool features.No need to install or download any third party software.Works perfectly on all browsers.

Just follow the simple steps below and you are ready with an animated talking picture

1.Just click on the given link talking photo.

2.Click on the Create My Actor button present at the top of the page.


3.Upload an image from your desktop to convert it into a talking character.

4.Once you have uploaded drag numbers for the eyes and mouth.Arrange the numbers using the reference image present on the left hand side of your page.

5.Once it is ready click on the Let’s talk button.

6.In the control panel you can find play, stop, edit and add tooth feature.There are more than 100 of scripts that you can choose from the Choose Script menu present below the add tooth button.Simply double click to add the script.

For more detailed information you can refer to the below video:

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