Learn how to make your Files and Folders invisible in Windows XP

We always have some data which is required to be private and in some cases people want it to keep them  invisible as well.

Perhaps many of us might be aware of hiding the folders with the help of some tools but in fact we can do this without any software tools.

Here are the best steps to make your files and folders invisible in Windows XP.

1.Right click and create new folder














2.To make the folder name invisible Right click > Rename and once the rename option appears press the ‘alt’ key and Simultaneously type 0160 from the numeric keypad.














3.To make the folder icon invisible Right click > Properties > Customize > Change icon.
















4.The Change icon for the folder dialog box opens.Click on any empty space and then click the ‘OK ‘ button.


















5.Click apply and click  ”OK’  for the properties dialog box.
















6.You will notice the folder icon is not visible any more.

7.If you are finding trouble to find the folder just press ‘Ctrl + A’ it will highlight all the applications including the tiny blue rectangle which is nothing but the folder that you have created earlier.To access the contents of the folder Double click on the tiny blue rectangle.


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