How to make money on internet

Internet  has brought world of opportunity for people to earn money.Very often many people are willing to work using internet and make money.But many do not know which is right way to make money from internet.They fall in hand of “work from home” tag ad-line in news paper and end up loosing their money and hardly make any money.

Here are the best ways where one can make money from internet.Only thing is one should be bit  tech savvy and should know the basics of internet and of course computers.Many people in this field do not reveal how do they make money using internet.

1.Web hosting provider or web reseller – Become a web hosting provider.Only thing is that one has to find customers who are willing to host on your hosting.

2.Web Designer – If you know some open source languages like php,html etc, one can easily make money by designing websites.

There are many other advanced ways where money can be earned if one is technical expert

3.Make apps for facebook .

4.Open a online store and sell stuffs online

5.Become outsourcing consultant and take order for software online,build software and submit to clients.

Hope this helps to Internet users who are trying to make money on internet.It does not matter whether one is student,house wife or a seasoned professional using these ideas one can easily build a business and can even become an entrepreneur.

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