How to Look Beautiful and Perfect on your Marriage Day

Marriage is a special occasion in a girl’s life and she want to look the best on her day.Wedding day is likely to be one of the most treasured days in a bride’s life. Brides expect to look and feel their best.But the bride usually gets so busy that she forgets all about caring her skin.Here are some of the interesting tips that a bride should take 2 days before wedding to look radiant, glowing and beautiful.

Here are the Best Tips to Make you Look Beautiful and Perfect on your Marriage Day

1.Facial 1 day before your big day.Depending on your skin type you can go for your facial type
a.If your complexion is darker go for skin whitening facial they makes the skin lighter and brighter and also you can use either gold or diamond facial.
b.If your skin is oily go for a fruit facial which gives you cleaner, healthier and adds radiance to your face.To add glow on your face fruit facial should be done 2 days before marriage.
c.If your skin is dry you can go for vitamin E and herbal facial.

2.One day prior to your big day oil your hair overnight and the next morning shampoo and condition it.To add the extra shine put some soda into the water and wash it off. Trim your hair before the big day.

3.The day before the wedding it is recommended to use a moisturising treatment for radiance of your skin. This allows better set makeup and makes your skin looks more radiant.

4.Give a perfect shape to your eyebrow before the wedding day.

5.Go for manicure and pedicure treatment to your hands and legs so that it looks healthy, neat and clean.

6.For long hair or very dark arms, shaved your underarm hair and bleach so that it looks lighter and clean.

7.Mix some soda and lemon and apply to teeth for whitening.Start doing this 1 week before your wedding day.

8.Drink lots of water, juices, nimbu paani, to keep your body hydrated. Avoid caffeines, as it can dehydrate the skin and make your skin look dull.

9.If you have dark eyes soak some cotton into cold rose water and keep on your eyes for 1 hour. Alternatively you can grind some cucumber and apply the juice all around the eyes.

10.Avoid eating oily foods for 1 week before the big day. It is better that you consume lots of green vegetables and fruits that will help your skin to glow.

11. Best way to look beautiful on the wedding day is to have proper rest and sleep. Don’t stress yourself to much.

12.Before you start to apply make up for the wedding day wash your face with cold rose water or just rub some ice on your face and pat dry. Apply some moisture to your face.After 5 mins start doing make-up you will notice the foundation will spread evenly and smoothly.

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