How to Know who is Tweeting Around you

Do you ever wanted to know what the people around you are tweeting?..Yes, now it is possible to search local tweets based on your location and keyword. NearbyTweets is one such twitter tools that allows you to search tweets near to your location.On twitter you will find people are consistently tweeting on latest technology, news, movie reviews, etc.There are so many tweets per day that often people find it difficult to sift through all the tweets. NearbyTweets helps you to narrow down the useful and relevant stream of tweets near to a specific location.

Steps on how to know who is Tweeting near you

1.Log in to your Twitter account.

2.Now click on the given link  TwitterNearbyTweets and allow the site to track your location.


3.You can search tweets either by location or keyword or you can search using both.Once the site has stored your location by default it will show you tweets near to your location.

4.After you have enter the location or keyword just hit enter to see the tweets.You can also see tweets from other regions or countries.


5.You can also check tweets using a map view finder.Just double-click on any location on the map and it will automatically display tweets from that selected location.

6.By default it shows 5 tweets, if you want to see more just click on the “Show 5 more” link.


7.It also gives you quick button to reply, retweet or mark those tweets as favorite.

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