How to Hide your Pictures on iPad and iPhone without installing any Apps

Do you have any secret photos in your iPad or iPhone or any photo in which you look horrible and you don’t want to show these photos to your friends and families ?..Well, there are many apps that you can get on the App Store that allows you to hide and lock your photos.But there is a better and easier way that you can hide your pictures on iPad and iPhone so that other’s can’t see it.

Steps on How to Hide your Pictures on iPad and iPhone

1.Open any photo that you wish to hide on your iPad or iPhone.

2.Give a single tap on the photo to get the photo Edit option.


3.Now Tap the Edit button and choose the Crop button present at the bottom of your screen.


4.Now drag one of the corner points to make it small as shown in the below screenshots.


5.Once you have done, click on the Crop button that appears at the top-right corner and then click Save.


6.From the Camera roll you can find the original image is replaced with the cropped version.

7.To get back the original image tap the Edit button and select Revert to Original.


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