How to Get your Lost or Stolen Camera Back

Recently a bad experience happened to me ..on the way to my trip to Ooty I was so indulged in the serene and quiescent air of the valley that I forgot to pick the camera that I kept in the back-seat of a taxi.Somewhere in my mind I was thinking that if the cab driver finds my camera he will definitely bring it back to me, but that didn’t happen.Once your things are lost or stolen it is very difficult to get it back.

But after searching for few days, luckily I found a tool on the web that helped me to recovered my lost camera.You can also get your stolen or lost camera back using this tool.

Steps on how to get your lost or stolen camera back

How it Works

StolenCameraFinder is a tool that locates a missing camera by searching for photos on the web taken by the same camera.Actually every photo taken using your digital camera contains exchangeable image file format (Exif).The Exif data contains information such as the model, date, shutter speed, ISO rating and a unique serial number that matches both the image and the camera.Using this serial number the tool searches for photos on the web to match the serial number taken by your camera.

For example let’s say some stranger finds your lost camera, that stranger may use your camera to take his/her pictures or may sell it to someone at low price and if that buyer uses your camera and upload photos to the web then StolenCameraFinder can easily trace the location of that person who is using your camera by the serial number.


1.Click on the given link  StolenCameraFinder.


2.If you have any photos on the web that you have taken using the same camera then you can drag and drop photo or you can select the photo from your computer.

3.StolenCameraFinder will search your photo on the web using that serial number.It displays search results if it finds any photos on the web that matches the serial number.


4.You can also create a report for free.To create a report you can click on any of the button below “Report Stolen Camera” or “Report Lost Camera“.

5.You can fill the details that you want it to appear in the search results.The details are very helpful for someone who finds your camera and searches for it.


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