How to get rid of Beep Sound Virus on Windows

What is Beep Sound Virus?

Have you ever heard Beep Sound coming from your pc or laptop,many would wonder if it is hardware problem as suggested on several portals ,many other would believe it is normal windows beep sound while booting and would try to disable beep sound.

Just refer to the below video to find if you also face the similar kind of problem.

Beep sound  may not cause blue screen always but yes Sometimes the beep sound could lead to Blue Screen.If only driver is corrupted then mostly it could be temporary but there could be cases when trojan or virus could create memory related bug in device driver and hence causing the crash or blue screen permanently.

Like in below Image the blue screen and beep sound is caused by corruption of video device driver.


So do not think of throwing your current system and buying a new pc or laptop.While this could be a hardware issue only 1 out of 100 times,but mostly this could be a “Trojan Horse” or “Virus” which might have infected your one of device driver.

To further clarify, this is more likely to happens if you are using any pirated windows.Some expert believe that this is the strategy from Microsoft to counter piracy.Microsoft no longer want anyone to use pirated copy of its Windows operating system.

How does it get into your System

Now the question arises, how does it gets into your PC and badly infects it.Most of us would say it might come through internet,the answer is yes but chances of getting infected is 100 percent if you are using pirated version of Windows.

If you are downloading or say installing any software from a website, Windows will prompt to install “.NET” and it would always say your software can not be installed if you did not download “.Net platform”.This is the trap from Microsoft specially if you are using pirated operating system.So always use genuine windows operating system.

So never click if  Windows  automatically prompts something like below:-



There are  other ways to infect your pc like say if you are updating your pirated windows operating system.There could be the chance of trojan attack which could do the same.Now a days tracking the person using pirated windows OS is pretty easy if you anytime connect to internet.

What is the real damage done on your System

Now lets understand the Booting to understand the real problem ,

What is BIOS and Booting 

BIOS also called Basic Input output System is a System Software which resides in ROM(Read Only Memory) chip on Motherboard.When you switch on your System,the first address pointed is of BIOS software as a result POST(Power on self Test) is done.

POST recognizes and initializes basic and important system devices like CPU,Video Display Card,keyboard,Interrupt,DMA controller,Optical Disc Drives,Hard Disk.This is also called “Cold Boot”.

When a reset is done then POST is not repeated as it identifies with the help of a flag that POST is already done,hence saves a lot of time which gets wasted during POST.This is called “Warm Boot”.

Once POST is done ,BIOS locates a Boot Loader program, which resides on booting device like Harddisk etc. In the first sector of the Harddisk called Master Boot Record(MBR) ,the booting information for the installed OS is available.This entire process is called BootStrapping in short Booting or Booting up.

So coming back to problem here,if say boot sector is corrupted,your operating system may not start.

Here are the steps to follow if your boot sector is infected

1.In this case ,boot from windows CD and try to repair OS.

2.If above step does not work then try avira,avast,avg or norton boot time scan.Go to their websites and make an image on CD or USB and boot from CD or USB and clean up your boot sector.

If both of above steps does not work then it means there is no problem with your your boot sector and MBR is not affected.

How to resolve the real problem

The virus or trojan, attack your device driver and corrupts it.So your basic device like video display,keyboard,finger print device or any other hardware attached to the PC may not be loaded properly during booting,As a result POST fails and it makes beep sound.

As POST fails, so one or many drivers might have got infected.To check if your drivers are creating beep sound go to Device Manager

1.On windows 7 click on windows button on left bottom corner of your screen


2.Go to properties then it open below window


3.Now go to device manager look for exclamation mark before any of the device,if you have installed all drivers properly,there should not be any with exclamation mark,


4.If you find any device with a exclamation mark then that device is creating beep sound during Booting,

Go Ahead right click and un-install the device,Now your beep sound problem should get resolved.


Now reboot your system and you should not get any beep sound,install fresh driver for that particular device.Always install a licensed antivirus and scan your PC.

Hope this helps.

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