How to get best performance on Windows 7

Ever wondered if windows 7 can bring best out of the windows operating system.Windows 7 has rich Graphical User Interface which makes it bit slower in performance than windows xp.There are many ways by which windows 7 performance can be enhanced.Here we are providing the simplest way to enhance windows 7 performance.The only drawback is that you will have to compromise on its rich look and colors.

Here are the steps to improve performance of windows 7.

1.Click on windows icon on the left bottom corner of screen on windows 7 ,Now In “Search programs and files”

type performance,click on

“adjust the appearance and performance of windows”  as shown below

windows 7

2.Select  “Adjust for best performance”  ,apply changes ,this action may ask you to to reboot your system.


3.Always perform disk clean provided for windows and windows will perform to its best.

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