How to Fix Acer Crystal Eye Webcam Error

Recently my Acer webcam stopped working after I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. I was clueless and not sure how to fix acer crystal eye webcam error.I tried to install the webcam driver couple of times, but all in vain.Acer provides 2 webcam drivers from two different vendors.One from vendor suyin and other from vendor chicony.You can also visit the acer website driver link at http://www.acer.co.in/ac/en/AU/content/drivers to get latest webcam driver.

Many times you will get error while opening webcam as “acer crystal eye webcam not found“.The root cause in this case is one of the drivers suyin which leads to acer crystal eye web camera error.Anyway I thought to give it a try to fix acer webcam problem by trying out both of these drivers mentioned above one by one.

First I installed suyin driver for Acer crystal eye webcam, the install was successful but when I tried to start the webcam it opened an error window saying “camera not found” as mentioned below.


I uninstalled suyin driver and then installed chicony driver, this time an error message popped out stating that “wmvcore.dll is missing”.I noticed that wmvcore.dll is used by windows media player.If windows media player is not installed then this file may not be available in windows/system32 folder.


The simplest way to solve this problem is to quickly get right wmvcore.dll file.Here is the link where you can download right wmvcore.dll file.


Once you downloaded wmvcore.dll, copy it into windows/system32 folder.Now again try opening acer crystal eye webcam it will open a pop up window stating wmasf.dll is missing.


Download this from below location.copy it into windows/systems32 folder.


Check the status of hardware in device manager

1.right click on my computer -> click on properties one new window will open

2.Click on device manager present on the left tab and select the imaging devices from the window that opens.Check if your webcam is enabled or disabled as shown below.



Now open your Acer crystal webcam it will start working.If still it doesn’t work reboot your system.Even after trying this, the problem persists then try executing below commands.

regsvr32 wmvcore.dll

regsvr32 wmasf.dll




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