How to Find Malicious or Spammy Links/URLs on Your Facebook Wall

Is your Facebook at risk? .. Today Facebook has become the main target for malware and viruses that can steal your mails, password, personal information and can harm your computer.Mostly these virus gets circulated through fake messages and links.It mainly happens when you click or share information on your walls from unknown or untrusted links on Facebook.

But there is a Facebook app“Norton Safe Web” that helps you to identify and prevent yourself from clicking on these malicious links. This app provides protection against any kind of social networking spam and threats.The app analyses if your account possess a security risk or not.Norton Safe Web app for Facebook scans and warns you against the malicious URL’s on your news feed or links from other external unsafe sites.

Steps to find Malicious or Spammy Links/URLs on your Facebook Wall

1.Login to your Facebook account.

2.Now click on the given link Norton Safe to add the Norton Safe Web App to your Facebook profile.

3.Once you haved added the app, click on the Auto-Scan On feature to allow the Norton app to scan for spammy links shared on your Facebook wall.



4.It scans each link  and examines your Facebook newsfeed that is shared within the past 24 hours.It also scans the shortened URL’s like bit.ly that is shared on your wall post by your friends.

5.Once it is completed the scan lists the link and describe them as Norton secured , Safe , Caution ,Warning or Untested.


6.The scan links can be sorted using the Sort Newest First or Sort By Source.


But one disadvantage is that these scan doesn’t run automatically, you have to open the apps and manually run auto-scan every time.

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