How to Filter Only High Quality (HD) and Closed Captioned Streaming Videos

We all love to watch our favourite movie, songs , news or any other interesting videos over the internet.But however, if we find some videos in the preview window is of poor quality or Standard quality (SD)  then we are again back to the search results unless we get some High quality videos.We must have experienced that these High Definition (HD) quality videos  and are much better compared to SD Video.The HD videos uploaded to the internet are smoother and gives us a crystal clear picture and so we all love watching these videos. Here is the simple way that can help you to filter videos with only high quality definition.

1.How to search for only High-Quality HD videos

i) Just type the name of the video that you want to see  in the search box.

ii)Click on the Videos option.


iii) Click on the Search Tools button and select videos with only High quality.It will filter out all high quality videos.


iv) To watch a crystal clear HD video , go to the settings and change the quality to 720p or 1080p.


Note: If the internet connection is very slow then it is better to watch videos with lower video quality settings  such as 240p and 360p.


2.How to search videos that are closed captioned

Closed Captioned  refers to the text of the audio portion of a video.Captioned videos helps us in keeping up with news and the events going on around the world.If someone is not able to hear clearly any portion of an audio then he/she can refer to the text transcription.It helps children in better learning and understanding of any study tutorials.Below are the steps to search all videos that are closed captioned.

i) Just type the name of the video that you want to see  in the search box.

ii)Click on theVideos option.

iii) Click on the Search Tools button and then All Videos.Select the Closed captioned option.It filters out all videos that are using closed captioned.


iv) In the below videos for each portion of the audio the text is displayed.


v)In order to increase the size of the text transcription just click on the Subtitles > Settings .


V)Select  the desired font size and click on the done button.If you want to disable the captions then  select the turn captions off.


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