How to Export your Google Circles Contacts to Facebook

On Google+ you make circles based on your friends, family, company’s employees and someone with same interest.You create different circles based on your relation with them.Sometimes you may feel to add these contacts available on your circles to Facebook.But as you know there is no such direct button on Google+ that allows you to export these contacts to Facebook.But here is one simple way you can really try it out.

Learn how you can export your Google Circles contacts to Facebook.

Step 1: Export your Google Circles contacts

i)Click on Gmail at the top left corner and from drop-down menu that appears select Contacts.Now click on More button and from the drop-down menu select the option Export.

foraywhile_contacts    foraywhile_export

ii)From the export contacts window that appears, select the group and from the drop-down menu choose Circles.If you like you can only export friends circle, family circle, everyone circle and following circle.


iii)To export contacts select the Google CSV format and click the export button.Now save the file to your desktop.

Step 2: Import the CSV file to Facebook

i)Login to your Facebook account and click on Find Friends present next to the Home button.


ii)From Add Personal Contacts select other email services.Now enter your Gmail username and password, click the Find Friends button.


iii)Select the file that you have saved on your desktop and click the Upload Contacts.


iv)Once you have uploaded you can add these contacts on Google Circles into your Facebook account.

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