How to defend yourselves against multiple attackers?


With the rising no of gangrape, eve-teasing, sexual and domestic violence against women not in India only but also from different parts of the world , the right time has come that women should get ready to fight back ,than struggling and suffering alone.So Instead of waiting fro police to come and safeguard lets safeguard yourself and be ready for fight in any case.The trick is to be brave and have enough courage to defend yourself.So why not learn defence tricks.






Women should try to empower themselves by learning self defence training as kick-boxing,martial arts and some defence techniques to defend themselves from single or multiple attacks.It is easy to safe yourselves from single attack but the most difficulty part comes when you have to safe yourselves from multiple attack.









These are some of the tips on how you can defend and safe yourselves from multiple attacks.

1.First thing stay calm and try to access the situation by looking around to see if there is any route to escape if possible then try to escape.It is better to get away from the danger by escaping or distancing yourselves from them.

2.Just look nearby or shout for help and when you feel that no one is there and you are alone then be prepare to fight back don’t show any fear or get tensed.

3.Watch their body language that will give you an idea on the first person planning to attack you.Do not wait for them to get into position so that you are surrounded  and helpless.

4.If possible try to engage them in conversation and meanwhile quickly scan your surroundings for any weapons it can be stone,bricks, glass bottles ,rod or any such thing that you think that you may hit them hard with that.

5.Identify the strongest person in that group beacause the strongest person is your main threat.Try to attack the main leader first by giving a hard punch or blow about to break their jaws, facial  bones  or eye sockets. Try to kick to the groin  or break their kneecaps that it shall stop the attacker from attacking you.

6.Your intentions at that time is not to fight by defeating each of their bodies but to destroy their minds and make them suffer that it shall stop the attacker to attack you for several minutes and meanwhile try to escape yourselves by running  away , hiding yourselves from the attackers.

7.Always keep your family and police number in your dial list that you don’t have to search their numbers on your mobile and may call them instantly.

8.But the most important thing of your attack plan is to escape.Try to fight as few as possible knock down the armed ones so that you may get away of the danger.









Before acting to this kind of situation and fighting back it is better to learn all kind of self defence techniques so to prepare and protect ourselves from these worst situations that we can come across in future.

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