How to Create and Publish your Own Online Newspaper

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own newspaper? Yes, You can create and publish your own online newspaper in minutes with this powerful content curation tool Paper.li.

Simply add any combination of content sources that interest you to create your own news site and share it with the world. Publishing your own newspaper is absolutely free and your are not charged for it.


Starting your own paper is very easy.Simply log in to Paper.li using your Facebook account and then click on create newspaper. Add paper title and description to your newspaper and click the Next button.

Find the content sources for your paper and add to selected sources.To add simply click on the plus button.You can choose contents from different areas such as entertainment, news, business, tech & science, sports, leisure, etc and add it to your news site.You can also add content sources to your newspaper based on articles posted to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS feed. Once you have completed click on the Done button to publish.


Paper.li will then analyze, import and extract all your selected content sources and generate an online newspaper to share it with your audience.For every new edition it automatically gets updated.

This tool provides a set of options that you can used it to customize the appearance, content language, display options,etc.It has the promotion and emails options that helps you to promote your paper by email and on your social networks.To customize click on the drop down arrow on your publisher icon found on the top right corner of your paper and select the Paper Settings option. Similarly you can use use the account settings to change the picture, profile, name and email address.


You can also see the currently buzzing news, friend’s paper, staff picks by clicking on the newsstand at the top menu bar.

So when you are publishing your own online newspaper with Paper.li?

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