How to Check if a Website is Down for Everyone or Just me?

When browsing the internet if you come across a website that is not opening or is taking a longer time to load or connect then you might think that the website is down.But before you make assumptions it is better to check out if the site is really down for everyone or just for you.Here is one of the best solution to find if the site is really down or not.

Steps on how to find a website is down

1.Click on the given link below:


2.Copy and paste the URL of your favourite website that is not opening to the test tool box.


3.Once you have entered the website URL, click on the Check button.

4.It displays the server status check and the website status history.Below is an e.g of a website that is UP and reachable for everyone but the website is down just for you.


6.Below is an e.g of a website that is down for everyone and is not just you.


7.It also shows the list of the top websites that are up and working fine.


Try using one of the below solutions if you find the site is up but still you cannot access the page.

1.Clear your browsing history, downloaded history, temporary cache and cookies.

2.Clear the local DNS cache.Open the Start menu and type cmd in search box and press the Enter key.In the command window that opens, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.Be sure to leave a space between the “g” and the forward slash “/”.Once it is flushed a success message appears “Successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache”.



3.Your IP address may be blocked to access that website.Change your IP address and try connecting to the website again.

4.Restart your modem and wait for 2 minutes before restarting it.Once it get restarted try reconnecting to the internet.

5.Sometimes the external antivirus or firewall that you have installed on your computer may block the website from accessing it.If you still want to access the website you can temporary turn off the firewall or antivirus.But note that turning your computer protection off can cause potential harm to your computer.

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