How to Appoint Someone to Send Email in Your Place Without Sharing Password

Gmail has a very useful, built in feature called Email delegation that gives you the ability to appoint someone to send email on your behalf.The appointee has very limited access to your account.The appointee can only create email messages, respond , send and delete emails for you.The appointee does n’t have access to your Google chat window or any other Google Apps.There is no permission for the appointee to change your account password or account settings.You can appoint maximum 10 people as your appointees.The feature becomes useful at the time when you have no internet access in the area but need to reply urgently to an email.Then the person who you have selected as your appointee can sent and reply for you.


Steps on how to delegate someone to send mail in your place

1.Login to your Gmail account.

2.Click on the Gear icon desktop_gear present at the top right corner.

3.Select the Option Settings.



4.From the Settings page navigate to Accounts tab.



5.Click on Add another account link present under the “”Grant access to your account”.



6.Specify the email address of the appointee that you want to grant access to your account and click on the Next Step button.

*Note – You have to enter only the Google email address , it doesn’t allow access for other email address.



7. On the confirmation page that appears click on the “send email to grant access” button.

8.Gmail will send the appointee an email, to confirm that you have granted access to your account.



9.After the appointee confirms the request, it may take up-to 30 minutes for the verification process to complete.

10.To check  if the appointee has accepted or rejected the grant access request look at the “Grant access to your account” present under the Account tab in Settings.If the appointee has accepted the request, then you can see the accepted status present to the right side of the appointee’s mail id.



11.Once the verification process completes, the appointee can view your account by clicking on the arrow present at the top right corner to the right side of the profile pic.

foraywhile_appointee accnt


12.Now the appointee just have to click on your (delegated) account to send an e-mail for you.

13.Just go to your Sent Mails to view the mails that the appointee has sent on your behalf.When the appointee send mails from your account Gmail lists your email id as sender followed by the appointee’s name in that mail.


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