How to apply for US visa

There is no need to hire a consultant to file your US visa application.One should visit the US visa  website to apply for any type of US visa.

10 things to keep in mind while applying and attending US Visa Interview.

1.Apply online.fill all your details like company name,experience,address and other required details.

2.Your photo should be taken in predefined size and color content mentioned on US visa website.You have to upload required photo in website.

3.Fix an appointment.

4.Be in formal attire for interview.

5.Important documents are Invitation letter from company in US,certificates,income tax statements for  at least 3 years,bank statements,credit cards statements.

6.Before interview they will take fingerprints at visa office.

6.There will be many questions from visa officer during interview.You have to answer it confidently and truly.

7.Be humble and polite and do not argue with visa officer.

8.They will keep the passport if our visa is approved.Passport will be returned on same day after some time if visa is not approved.

9.One can collect passport with visa stamped the very next day or if not collected at VFS center then it will be couriered to address mentioned.

10.Once passport is stamped with visa you are ready to fly to USA.

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