How to Add the New Customizable Tabs in Gmail to Group Your Mails into Categories

Recently Gmail has rolled out a new features that will enable you to group your mails into categories.Once you have enabled the new feature it will automatically categorize the messages in your inbox to the related tabs.Depending on your needs you can choose you tab that you want to appear in the inbox.If you want you can also manually move the messages to other tabs.

Steps to Add Tabs to Gmail

1.Login to your Gmail account and click on the  gear icon gearicon1 at the top right corner.

2.From the Settings menu select the option Configure inbox.


3.Select the tabs that you want to enable and click on the save button.


4.Now view your inbox and you will see that your messages are categorised into 5 different tabs.


Steps to Move the inbox Mails Manually to Other Tabs

1.Right-click on any message and select “Move to Tab”.


2.Now you can select from the list of tabs that you want to move that message.

3.You can also drag and drop the message to that particular tab.


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