Help in Finding Missing Persons in Uttarakhand Floods 2013 using Google Finder Apps

Google has launched its ‘Person finder’ a web application in India so that it can allow individuals to share information about those missing  People in flood affected regions of Uttarakhand. Google Person Finder was first created in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake and later it was created for several natural disasters and calamities that occurred in other parts of the county.

After analysing the scale of the impact on Uttarakhand  flood disaster, the Google crisis response team determined a tool that can be helpful for responding to the given situation so as to trace the information on those missing Persons.The information is available in both Hindi and English.All data entered in this tool is searchable and accessible by anyone.

You can update and remove records that are no longer relevant.If you find information incorrect or offensive content you can send report to Google.If you want Google to send you mail about the updated information on a particular Person then you have to click on the “Subscribe to update about this Person”.You can help people to find their friends and loved ones after the disaster effect by uploading information about someone you know that is missing.

To find or upload information about someone click on the below Google Person Finder link.

Google Person Finder 2013 Uttrakhand Floods

i)If you want to find a particular person you know then click on the “I’m looking for someone”.


ii)Enter the Person name or parts of the name you are searching for and click on the search for this person button.


iii)The search results will display if someone has reported the person missing.


iv)To know more details about this person you can click on the Status as shown in the above image.

v).If you want Google to send you mail about the updated information on a particular Person then you have to click on the “Subscribe to update about this Person”


vi)If you want to provide information about any person then click on the “I have information about Someone”.


If you want others to know about “Google Person Finder” then share this information with maximum no of people or share this Google Person Finder 2013 Uttrakhand Floods link to your friends or you if you have a website then you can embed a small version of google person finder directly on your website.Following is the HTML code to embed on a website.

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note: Replace the repository with the appropriate repository name.

Please help the affected people by contributing online through the website of Prime Minister’s Office or you can pay by cheque or draft in the name of the “Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund” and sent to Prime Minister’s Office , South Block, New Delhi 110011.

Contributions to the PMNRF have been notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.

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