Group Multiple Related Tabs in a Single Window Using Firefox Group Tab

Firefox allows you to group all your tabs that you have opened into one group.Now you can easily manage and organize all your related or similar tabs by task for example all your social networking sites, related study sites into one single group.This makes easier to switch among groups and easily search through all your tabs making your task simple and efficient.

Steps to create a tab group

1.Click on the “group your tabs”  icon present on the top right corner or you can use keyboard shortcuts  Ctrl + Shift + E.











2.When you click the tab groups for the first time you can see the thumbnails preview of all your recent tabs that you have opened in one group.













3.Click on the pencil icon at the top of the group to assign the name to the tab group depending on your related task.














4.To create one more tab group, just drag and drop tabs to an empty area.












5.Click the search button present in the right side to bring up the search box. When the search box appears just type the name of the tab you are trying to find.











6.To make the tabs bigger or smaller drag the resize handler at the bottom right corner.


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