Google Chrome 25 Beta compose mail by speaking

Imagine that if you could dictate documents or control the game characters with your browsers using your voice instead of using the mouse or keyboard.But with the new Chrome Beta release this future is closer than you think.Google has announced that its new Chrome 25 Beta is out with the inclusion of a new Web Speech API for Chrome web browser.











The new java script Web Speech API makes it is easy to add speech recognition to your web pages.

With this new feature users can start enjoying new, interactive experiences  with web apps where you can compose an email by speaking instead of typing.With this new Web Speech API developers can make their web pages recognize what you say ,that makes handy and convenient for those persons who are fed up of writing too long mails and prefer to compose mail by just speaking.

Here is an example of the Web Speech API demonstration.

Click on the link given below it will take you to the Web Speech API demonstration page where you can start enjoying the new email experience by just speaking.

Web Speech Api Demo


First click on the microphone and start begin speaking.















Just click on the create email button it will automatically open the default email application and hence you are ready to addressed and send it.




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